ensemble stars

so i played a game and i didnt know it was the vortex to the abyss, a story of my life

dearly beloved;

  • morisawa chiaki
  • kanata shinkai
  • tsukinaga leo
  • eichi tenshouin
  • izumi sena
  • rei sakuma

    home is where the heart is

  • ryuseitai - fave fave fave i will give you my heart and all of the stars. mismatch kids who were lost and found. in here, they gain a friend, a home, a family. in here, they found themselves. their dreams. in here, they found what living and loving truly is! i have feelings dont touch me

    the sun & the sea

  • chiakana - DEEP BREATHE they built a home in each other. both of them shaped & influenced each other equally in ways both large and small. they inspire, move, support and saved each other. opened doors. reached out. for the dreams, for the world, for happiness. because, they are, first and foremost, a hero to one another. and a friend and a partner and there's a Bond and History and Shared Dreams that tie them almost like a red string. they are beautiful. together. i am. not made to talk about them without sobbing.

    for you, a thousand times over

  • morisawa chika - I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH HE MEANS THE WORLD TO ME AND CONTINOUSLY INSPIRES ME TO BE BETTER AND LIKE WHO NEEDS VITAMIN C WHEN U GOT HIM there's a lot of projection in here i #relate to him in more ways than one i love red, he loves red and i just. clenches fist. he dreams big, shines bright, paints a smile so tender and raw and his entire being is something that he has fought to become. something he has grown into. he is a hero. he is the sun.

  • s.